Saturday, November 27, 2010


My Husband is finally home from Oklahoma!!! He has been gone for 12 weeks!!! Granted that we were with him for 4 of the weeks. Ok so here is how the break down goes: Jack went up to Oklahoma for 3 weeks; Jackson and I went up for 4 weeks; and I got a job :-) and had to come home so then we were away from each other for 5 weeks. So 3:4:5!!! He has started his own business of being a Farrier!!! Here is is business card!!

So if you have horses or know any one who does have horses and they need a new Farrier or want to use my husband here is all of his information!!!

Jackson is a crawling terror now!!! He is always into everything now, he is crawling all over the house and is chasing our dogs around like they are just really big moving toys!!! It is the funniest thing ever to watch. Jackson is very excited to have both his mommy and daddy in the same house again!!! A little update of Mr. Jackson, he has been sick for the past few weeks, but is finally getting better!!! He had an ear infection which led to an eye infection and because of all the medicine he was taking gave him a yeast infection that flared up horribly on Thanksgiving day. SO my mother-in-law insisted that we take him to the ER because she swore up and down they he was allergic to his medicine and I was doing everything wrong. SO we took him to the hospital, luckily there was NO wait and we got him in right away, and low and behold they said he had a yeast infection (which we already knew) so not only did they make me feel like I was a horrible mother for letting my son get this bad, but it was something that we already knew!!! But the doctor said that the BEST medicine was air!!! Just to let him run around without a diaper on and that would help heal his infection!!! Starting that night we let him run aound nakey!!!! Boy al mighty did he enjoy that one!!!! almost immediatly he began to look better. and now two days later and a new medicine his rash has almost vanished!!!!

Thats just a little update on everythng that has been happening in the past few weeks!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazy Monday

I love when you are excited to go back to work (really who is on a Monday) and your day is just going along great, and BAM!!! a kid decides to flip out and go crazy on anyone who is near!!!! It just makes everything jump into reality, that i work with a very special group of kids and you cant underestimate anything!!! they dont care that you might not be paying complete attention to everyone around you. and WHAM!!!! they attack!!!!! luckily i wasnt in the crossfire of the outrage!!!! Yeah to new medicine!!!! hopefully EARLY RELEASE TUESDAY will be a much better day!!!!