Saturday, October 30, 2010

I survived!!!!

Yeah!!! I survived my first week at work!!!! It started off with me having to leave my son for the first time in almost 8 months at a daycare... well not me but my parents... then taking a 45 min drive from Bulverde, to New Braunfels where my school is. When i get to the school they aren't sure the exact classroom i was going to be in. so i get to bounce back and forth between the two different rooms. which i end up liking a lot more than i thought i would. i would get bored to easily in just one room (not really, there is enough to always keep me busy). it is very tiring being with all of the children (whom i have grown to love). monday was a get to know you day for me, i was getting to know all the other teachers in the school, in the two classrooms, and getting to know all the different students that i was going to be working with, and getting to know the crazy schedule that i was going to work my way into. lunch time comes around and it is a nice break from the crazyness that is my day!!! I find out that my friend Emily has the same lunch break that i do so we eat in her classroom, which is a nice break from having to sit in the workroom with teachers that i dont know yet who already have their lunch time buddies down (i started on the first day of the second nine weeks). It is also a nice break from having to introduce myself all day to all the other people in the school, to know someone, it is just a nice feeling to have a friend in a new environment. Lunch is over and its back to the grind (hahaha) i get to go outside for recess for a few minutes with two of my fifth graders. then i get to go work with my first grader, who is going to be my new best friend, because of all the time that we are going to be spending together just the two of us. the afternoon seems to zoom by and its time to leave. so here i go on my 45 minute drive back to Bulverde, and i get to go pick up Jackson from daycare!!!!! i get there and he is playing on the floor and is just as happy as can be!!! it is such a great relief to see that your baby is doing well not being with you!! its a bitter sweet feeling, knowing that he is growing up and doesnt always need his mommy right there next to him and also knowing that he is going to be ok without you, and that he is in great hands at his daycare!!! tuesday rolls around at 5:30 am and its back to the same routine that is going to be my life for the next 7 months. Tuesday goes by without any problems... i go to pick up jackson and he has a runny nose!!! second day in daycare and he is already sick!!! wedneday comes around and coffee is my best friend and if i could have a coffee drip hooked up i would be golden!!! on wednesday i have my orientation which lasts FOREVER!!!!! i finally get back to school and finish out my day and picked up jackson!!! which i think is the best part of my day; getting to see my son!!!! friday finally makes its way around and it is a crazy day, but we make it thru... so after school i go to talk to my pricipal and vice about finishing out my 4-8 certification, and that is one laugh after another with those two, but we think we have it figured out and decide on the two other tests that i should take after i finish my other certs. so after i take this other test i would be certified to teach pre-k - 8th grade. so i talk to my parents about all this information and today i look online at my account with TEA and all i have to do is pay $77 and my certification will be complete!!! so that was a great way to start out my weekend, not having to take another test and only having to pay a little bit!!!! so now i get to start focusing on taking my ESL test in January!!! Yeah for a great first week!! and tonight i get to go see a Cirque play at the Majestic!!! and tomorrow is Jackson's 1st HALLOWEEN!!! he is going to be a dragon!!! how cute is that!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Until next time!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The little joys in life

Well after a night of little to No sleep (thanks to a teething baby boy) the cutest thing is when he wakes up in the morning and sits up in bed (yes he sleeps with me in the bed) and starts tapping on my back (or face, depending on which way i'm laying) to wake me up to turn on his cartoons and place him on the floor so he can crawl over to the mirror and play with the baby in the mirror (himself) and crawl all over the room and play with whatever was left on the floors from the night before. Jackson is the cutest baby i have ever seen (yes i know i am his mother, but serioursly) he will wake up and crawl all over the bed and make sure that i am completly awake when he is ready to get up... even when i am not. and wants to play and just starts talking up a storm (and when i say talking in mean just babbling (he is just 7 1/2 months old))... then we come down stairs to play with all of our toys and all of the dogs!!! I have never seen a baby laugh so much as Jackson when the dogs are running around and playing with toys. he laughs and laughs, which i have to say is one of the best sounds in the world. so we come down and he wants to walk all over the living room so he goes in his walker and runs i mean RUNS around the house like a crazy person. hahahaha. he is chasing the dogs and making them run around, which makes him laugh even more, and gets him even more excited. I have to say that i am going to miss this like crazy when i start teaching in a few days... i think i will probably cry a little on my drive to work... its a nice 45 min drive from my house to the school... thats a lot of tears!!!!! Hopefully i can dry my eyes and make me look somewhat decent for my first day in the classroom... my students won't care what i look like ( i dont think) i think i will drive very fast back home to pick him up from daycare. but not to fast... cant afford any tickets lol... I am going to miss so many things that i take for grated right now:

1: playing with him on the floor

2: watching him crawl and pull up on everything that he can find

3: telling him not in the mouth 1,000 times a day

4: changing his diapers (yes i know your thinking how can you miss that) but i will, now someone else is going to be taking care of my son

5: leaving him in the care of someone i dont know is the scariest thought in the world (i dont leave him with anyone ever)

6: being able to just watch tv with him and be lazy

7: feeding him and having him make a mess and me getting upset and then calming down and laughing about it

8: just being with jackson all day everyday

9: getting his hugs and kisses

10: getting my hair pulled on a million times a day and loosing all those baby fine hairs that he somehow always manages to find and pull out

I dont know what else i am going to miss but im sure it will be a lot harder than i can even imagine. im sure that it will be ok, since i use to work in daycares, and other moms have been able to do it for centeries before me (well you know what i mean)

Oh get this!!!! we went into the daycare that i am going to be leaving jackson at (no names) but it is a really nice daycare and Jack and i picked it out together before he left so in case i got the job i wouldnt have to find a daycare on my own. i go in to drop off the paperwork and the "director" says:

"oh you use to work for the other daycare right."

" yes, why?"

"well we have to call and check because i was told there was a restraining order against you and your husband"

"Um i dont think so, would we know if we had a restraining order against us?????"

*a few minutes and many phone calls later

"She said everything was ok and that it was against someone else. Ok so lets get everything set up for you guys"

*now she said this last line like she hadnt just been treating us like we had a bomb strapped to us and we were going to do some harm....

Now i love this daycare and i didnt want to have to try and find something else. but i really hope that they can let it go and the fact that i worked for a different daycare that was owned by the same people... now tell me if that makes any sense... oh well its all taken care of and no harm was really done...

Looking back all i can do is laugh at the whole ordeal... it was just so random and not us!!!

good news about the daycare was when we went to the room that he will be in the 8-12 month room (because he is so moble) he wanted to be put down and went straight over to all the toys and the other kids and played with the toys and had no problem... now lets see if he is the same way when he realizes that mommy is not in the room anymore...

Jackson is starting to say Mama more and more and now its more than just when he cries!!!!! sorry daddy mommy wins!!!!! Love you!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New Day... Same Story

Well things are looking like they are taking a turn for the better... I guess. Jackson and I moved up to Oklahoma to be with Jack, who is in Purcell at school. We moved up to Norman, Oklahoma with my Mamma on her 10 acres. It was so much fun to be able to see her. Since we only get to see her once a year, and she was able to see Jackson before he was walking and she would see him at Christmas. Sadly I got a job offer and had to move Jackson and I back home. It was very hard for me to leave my husband up in Oklahoma. I felt like the worst person in the world because I was taking away his two loves; his wife and his son. Fortunatly I got the job, so the move back wasn't for nothing. I was going to be really upset if things didn't work out. Now I have to wait until HR calls me to go and fill out all the paperwork... SO more waiting until I start. Hopefully I can start on Monday. I got a job at Freiheit Elementary in their PPCD/Behavior classroom. I am looking forward to spending time with my new students, they are going to be a lot of work and the other teacher that I talked to said that in one month she lost 7 lbs!!!! SO here goes loosing the baby weight!!!! I hope that everything is going well with everyone out there... If you are even reading this!!!
~Love The Mays~