Friday, January 21, 2011

Gotta Love The Children

Have you ever worked so hard to get a kid to follow the rules??? As a teacher it is something that we strive for every day!!! Well when you work with the lovely child that graces my day all day Monday - Friday getting said child to follow what is expected is a great task!!!! Lovely Child has been doing WONDERFULLY for the past month, hasn't attacked anyone, has been listening to me when I tell the directions for the tasks at hand. And then today I am out of the room testing some other students for another teacher and my 1 lovely child decides to go back to the old ways of doing things and attack and bite!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Not only is it FRIDAY but we haven't seen any of these behaviors in OVER A MONTH!!!!!! I am trying to help another teacher set of their reading centers for monday so I am testing all of her students for her and getting tasks in mind and she was helping me out by stepping into my classroom, and my child attacks her!!! Nice way of saying thanks!!! Luckily my lovely child is sleeping for most of the afternoon so I can get someother things finished around my room, and I can finishe planning the reading centers so that on Monday when we come back to school I can set them up and start them with her students and hopefully by the end of the week these kids will understand what is to be expected of them and start some serious learning. And if your wondering why we are just now doing all of this when then year is almost over (school year not calendar) it is because I was pulled out of that room and placed the room that I am in right now and was never able to get this ball rolling before now. but we are on our way to finishing out the year STRONG!!!! I'm just hoping that with all the budget cuts that are being made in the school districts that something in a General Ed room will still be available for me to step into!!!

On a happier note Jackson will be 1 in a few weeks!!! That is both exciting and sad to me. As a mother I want my baby to always stay a baby, and I can't believe how fast this year had flown by, so that is a little bit sad for me to think that a whole year has already gone by and it seems like just yesterday i was going into the hospital to have him!!! On a happier note i get to plan and get things all ready for his FIRST Birthday Party!!!!! I am sooooo exicted, we are going with at COWBOY theme!!!! So we will have one of Jack's horses in the backyard and will be giving horse rides!!!!! Gotta love it!!!!!