Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Better Late than Never

So I finally was able to upload the pictures from my camera onto my computer. So I thought I'd share some pictures from Halloween Weekend!! Jackson had three different parties to go to that weekend. Unfortunatly I was unable to get pictures from the 1st one where he was a Western Cowboy with his Chaps and Cowboy hat. The chaps were made my his Great Uncle on Jack's side for his 1st birthday but they will fit him for a few more years. The second night was Trick or Treat in the park where he was a COW!!!! Then on Sunday he went to that Air Show with my dad at the Air Force Base not too far from our house (there are several very close to where we live). Jackson is in LOVE with Planes, when he is playing outside and one flies over our house he will point up into the air and say "plane, plane". It is really cute!!! Did I ever mention that one of my favorite things in the world is when you are driving down the road and a plane is about to land at the airport and it flies right over your car... that is probably my favorite thing in the world, it probably comes from growing up on an Air Force Base very close to the landing strip. I will always remember when we would get calls from the tower asking if we knew where our dogs were, we would always say no do you... of course they had gotten out and were chasing birds on the landing strip so that none of the planes could land... It was funny to me but sort of embarassing for my Dad... Anywho... Then on Halloween Jackson went down to my Grandma's house for a Halloween party with all of my cousins, his costume was a COW-BOY, he wore his cow costume then wore his chaps and cowboy hat and boots over the Cow costume!!! He was adorable!!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just some random thoughts

Now I'm sure no one is ready my blog because lets face it... I'm not that interesting and don't really have that many friends and the ones I do have I just talk to in person and they don't need to read my blog... Also half of the stuff I would want to write on my blog would break confidentiality codes of all kinds becasue of my job. So it really is pretty boring. Also I suck at putting pictures on here so who really wants to sit in front of a computer and read the boring nonsense that I have to type out here.
So today, since I haven't really been doing very well at blogging anyway. I thought I'd share a few random thoughts that I have been thinking about, and maybe some stuff that I am looking forward to in the future.

So one thing that is on my mind right now is how annoyed I am at both of my computers and camera. I have tried several different ways to upload my pictures from Halloween from my camera onto both my Mac laptop and my desktop here at school. I have tried to plug my camera directly into the computers, I borrowed a friends jump drive that you just pop the memory card into and it reads the pictures off of it. This methond has worked on my computers before, however today when I really want to get them onto my computer to start to do different projects with them both ways decide NOT TO WORK!!! BOO.

It's finally Friday here at school, these past two weeks have been going by sssssoooooooooo ssssllllllooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... It feels like the longest two weeks ever, and it's not just me other teachers are saying the same things... not sure if its the weather change or just because we are on the countdown for Thanksgiving and then Christmas breaks. Not that any of us are counting but we are also counting down until summer (only on really bad days of course). This year has been going alright. If you don't mind have sick students who in turn get you sick, but I don't want to use my days when I am actually sick, when I stay home I want to either spend time with Jack and Jackson or get errands done that I need an extra day to do them. I don't want to take a day off and sleep to get better. I would rather be able to do something productive with my time off. I am also wanting to try and save up my days so that they roll over for next year so that I have even more days next year. Doubt that will happen but its always nice to dream about not having to be out for one thing or another.

Something else I have been thinking about is going back and getting my masters. The only problem is that I really don't know what I want to get my masters in. So I don't want to start going for one thing, pay all that money, then when I finish in a few years. sit back and wonder why did I just waste all that time and money and I really don't want to be a ... (fill in the blank). Some suggestions from other teachers are get your masters in something else (anything) and then go back and get your principal certificate later if that's really what you want to do. My thinking on that is yes that makes sense but don't you have to pay more money to go back again and get the principal ship thing.... SO if I think I want to be an administrator some day why not just go and get your masters in something like Curriculum and Instruction with your principalship attached.... another question is where do I want to go to get my masters... there are so many choices right here in the San Antonio, New Braufels, Seguin, San Marcos area to choose from. Then the questions pops into my head where are we going to be living in a few years, that will help me determine which school I choose. If we are moving out of the Bulverde/San Antonio area then I really don't want to go to a school that is close to me NOW, because when we move that will be an extra two hours or so that I would have to drive to and from school each time I had class. NO Bueno!!! So then the questions start coming back to do I really want my masters to do something with or do I just want it because my mom has one and I just think that it sounds cool to say, "Oh yes I do have my masters" la de da. Who knows, these are just some of the convos that go on in my head every day when I have nothing else to think about... or i'm just really bored!!

Another thought is we need to start really saving for our downpayment on our land that we are going to start looking for probably next summer when we have time and are not in school and are a little less stressed about all the things that I have to get done during the day, that I don't want to take home and work on because I want home to be family time not mommy can't play she has to do school work... Let me tell you I have probably taken the same few things back and forth from school to home back to school and it has never left my bag... I will do it when I get to school the next morning. I always think oh when Jackson goes down for the night I'll stay up a little bit longer and will get some work done... NOPE NEVER HAPPENS!!!! Not only does Jackson decide that he doesn't want to go to bed until 9:30 everynight he decides that he wants to play and play and play until Mommy finally puts her foot down and says "It's time to go night night". Usually the only reaso he is ready for bed is because Mommy is super tired and takes him up and lays him down. Not by his choice, but he does fall asleep a few minutes after I put him in his bed. Sweet baby!!! I can't believe that on Saturday he is going to be 20 months old!!! Thats only 4 months away from being 2!!! Holy Cow I can't have a two year old already!!!! It really does feel like just yesterday he was born... time really does fly. It's been amazing watching him grow so quickly though. He learns something new everyday, he watches how you do something and then will mimic the exact same thing that you just did. It is the cutest thing. For example, last night he was opening the drawers of an old dresser and I walked up and closed it with my shin, so what does Jackson do? He walks over to the drawer; opens it back up and lifts his little leg up and tries to close it with his shin, just like Mommy!!! He knows how to open all the doors in our house, and if they are locked he will go over and grab your hand, take you to the door and push your hand onto the lock and say "Open, open" super smart kiddo!!!!

Well I think that is all I really have to say about whatever it was I had to say. Thanks for taking the time to read about my boring life and all the random ness that goes on in my head.