Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to School

So I realize that it is still mid July but the fact that we start back to work at school the second week of August (less than a month from now), with workshops and being able to get into our rooms and set things up the way that we want them to be; I have decided that I am going to decorate my first classroom!!! The overall theme of the classroom is going to be Owls; so most of the classroom things will have Owls on them. I have decided to make (or decorate) most of the different things that will be actual decorations (non-educational). The first thing that I have finished decorating is the bulletin board that will go on the wall behind my desk!! There will be two but I ran out of ribbon before I could finish the second one so I only have pictures of the first one but the 2nd one will look exactly the same except there will be an elephant on the other corner of the board.

Some of the other crafts that I am going to make will be my name "Mrs. May" that will be covered with different fabrics or paper or ribbon and with fabric flowers that match the bulletin boards. Then I am going to make different wreaths or hangers for my door that will change as the seasons or holidays change. So for the beginning of the year I am making a wreath that is a "welcome back to school" wreath that will be covered with ribbon and then different "school" items all around it. Then I found the cutest hanger that says "Welcome Fall" with owls on it (I have to say it is really cute!!) Next is my FAVORITE holiday Halloween!!! So I bought three letters BOO that I am going to paint, then cover with paper and stickers and then attach them with ribbon to hang down from my door. Then I will have a Christmas/Winter Wonderland wreath that will hang thru January. This is as far as I have bought things for. For second semester I have ideas for Valentines day, St. Patrick's day, Easter, and a Spring wreath (which I know what I am going to do for this one).

I will post pictures as I finish things for my classroom!!! I am super excited and am trying to find as much time to finish all these projects before school starts because I know time will be tight when school starts. I try to work when the baby is sleeping and when I take him to daycare some days that I have nothing to do I will come back and work on all these things.

Until next time!!