Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's been too long

So I think the last time I posted anything it was still summer and 110 degrees outside. Well lots of things have happened since the last post. School is in full swing and we are already half way thru our first 9 week grading period and we are all still running around like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off trying to make sure that we are doing everything correctly. Last few days have been a little rough on me though. Almost 2 weeks ago now I wrecked my small SUV. A deer ran out and was hit by a car about 6 cars in front of me and caused everyone to slam on their breaks, well my breaks didn't work all that well because I smashed into the back of a Chevy Truck; got thrown off the road into the ditch. My car died on impact and was all smashed up in the front. Luckily it was only me in the car and I didn't have Jackson. Something good did come out of this wreck though; I was given way more money then we thought the car was worth for the total and I was able to finally buy my TRUCK!!!!!
It's a 2011 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab!!!! I am sooo in LOVE with my truck!!!!! It is also a big step for me in my life because this is the first vehical that I am buying on my own. I got the loan and I am making the payments on it!!!! Now I was going to buy a new truck anyway but I was going to start saving for it and maybe start looking around Christmas time, well nothing in my life ever goes as planned so I got it a little early. SO now instead of saving for the truck I get to start making the payments on it. I am happy and feel so much more comfortable in the truck then I ever did in the SUV. So we have decided that I am a TRUCK GIRL; meaning that I have hade 2 small SUV's and have wrecked both of them (neither one was my fault) and have had now 2 trucks (the first one I got rid of becasuse I was having a baby and there wasnt any room in the back seat) and I just feel way more comfortable being taller and driving around in a truck!!!

So now the next big step we are going to be taking is that we are going to start looking for some land to live on. We are going to look for anywhere from 10-20 ish acres in the different areas around us. We have found a few that we liked but nothing was perfect yet. So hopefully we can find the perfect place and start building our house that we already have designed and drawn out (on paper).

Well thats about all I have to share now. (If anyone even reads this)

Much Love!!