Friday, May 27, 2011

Let Summer Begin!!!

Last day of school!!!! That is only the first part of good news!!!! The second part of the good news is that I will be getting my own classroom next year!!! I will finally be a Teacher!!! I graduated from college in Dec. '08 and have yet to find a job until this year. I was finally hired on by the school that I work at now, but not as a teacher as an aide. I have been working in a special ed room all year and I actually went back and got my Special Education Teaching Certificate. So for next year the school is doing some switching of things and I will finally be a teacher!!!! I am super excited and have already been spending the last week getting all the different things ready for my room next year. I will still be working with the same student that I have this year but I will be her Teacher and I will have an aide to help me out!!! I am so excited about this news because it means that Jack & I can finally start to do what we have been dreaming of since we got engaged in 2006!!! BUY A HOUSE!!!! I think we have found the perfect house too; we were originally going to buy land this summer and then fix it up and get it ready for the house that we were going to build on it.
  • Build a fence
  • Build an arena
  • Start to build the house
Yes in that order... The way we figured it we would need a fence and gate up first so that we could put the horses that we already have out on our property. The next step would be to build the arena and barns so that we can keep the horses out there and then ride them when we were out there doing work on the land. Last would be the house. I had alreay drawn out the house that I wanted and luckily our neighbor is an architect so he was going to draw up our house blueprints and all that stuff for us for free!!! Yeah to saving a few thousand~ So this process was probably going to take us a few years to get everything we wanted out there and move in ready. Well a few months ago this place in Canyon Lake was put on the market and a friend of ours told us it would be PERFECT for us!!!
  • 23 acres
  • Gated
  • Barn/Horse Stable/Stud Barn
  • Arena
  • HOUSE (Main & Guest)
  • Perfect location
Well the only problem was that they were asking WAY WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!!! Although it is worth every penny that they are asking for it; there was no way we were going to be able to afford it. On Wednesday Jack comes home from working and says that he talked to our friend who first suggested this place for us and said that they guy just wants to get rid of it and is tired of dealing with the fact that its not selling and he is dropping the price by MORE THAN 50%!!!!! Now what the guy is asking for all that comes on it is basically what the house is worth and that is it!!!!! SO now we are just going to wait and see if everything works out and hopfully by Christmas or early next year we can buy the house of our dreams!!!!! Here are jsut a few pictures!!!

The Front Gate

Barn & Stable

Breakfast Area

Wet Bar in the Game Room

View of the House


Living room

Guest House

Living Room

Living Room

This house is sooo beautiful and I can see our family growing in this house for many many years to come!!!!!

The May Family