Thursday, May 10, 2012


My New blog is up and running!!! I am super excited about it! Its a teaching blog so that I can post things that I have made for my classroom and just made for fun! Please come on over and see what fun stuff I have! Right now there isn't much because it just went live last night and I haven't had that much time to play around with it!!!

I am super excited about this!!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Currently

So I have NEVER done one of these before... I have to post this here because I don't have my NEW blog design yet from Erin over at Creating & Teaching!!! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

It's coming down to the wire

Well here in South Texas we have 21 days left in the school year!!! With that being said it is also the scariest time of the school year. With a new school opening up and my current principal opening this school. She was able to take a few teachers with her to help her open the new school... I put in to go with her but knew that if I went it was going to be a last minute thing... Since I am still a probationary teacher (in my first three years of teaching) it is really hard for her to just up and say I WANT HER!! I did put in for a transfer to two other school over by where I live on the other side of the district. The district that I work for covers over 100 square miles!! (did i mention its in the hill country?) I currently drive from one city to another city to work, and have about a 45 minute drive to work and then about a 55 minute drive back home (more traffic in the afternoons) Well the other two school that I put in to transfer to I originally thought that they were filled so I had put that though out of my mind and also since I hadn't heard anything yet from my principal I assumed that I was just going to be staying at my current school and I would probably stay EA (which is our version of elementary life skills). So the two other teachers and I started planning out how WE wanted our three classrooms to be divided up with all the kids and were working on writing a proposal to present to our Principal and New Principal for next year! That was going all fine and dandy until WEDNESDAY of this week!! When we found out that I would NOT be an EA teacher for next year and that another teacher on campus was going to be switching positions and was coming to take my spot on the team!!! I was sad/mad all at the same time!!! Why was that not my position?!?!?! Then I had a little chat with our VP and left that meeting feeling like they didn't believe in my teaching abilities and the only place for me was either Behavior (which I DO NOT WANT) or Inclusion Support (Better but still not what I wanted to do for next year) but those were my ONLY choices... I couldn't switch to Gen. Ed like I thought I was going to be able to do. So yesterday I was in lets say a pissy mood for the morning hours of my day... Well I decided that I wasn't going to let it get me down! So I changed my attitude and actually had a pretty good day!
   So after school a group of teachers do the Insanity workout together in the Music room (KILLER) While we were working out our Principal poked her head in and said to come talk to her before I left for the day... Uh-OH is what went thru my mind... Well our talk consisted of she has picked the staff that she was going to take with her for sure and I was not currently one of them. Bummer but what I expected. She did say however that she still had a few openings on her staff but was told to keep them open for the time being because they were still working on placements for other staff members around the district. She also said that my #1 School that I really wanted to teach at (it is literally IN my neighborhood) well their Principal was asking about me and what I wanted to teach if I was able to come over to her school!!!! WOW!!! She was asking about ME?!?!?! Originally this school needed to LOOSE 3 teachers and now for whatever reason things have changed and there is STILL a chance that I could switch closer to home!!!
  As happy as I would be to leave the campus I am at and work closer to home I would also be sad about leaving... My BEST friend works two doors down from me and I would do anything to stay with her... So here comes my problem... Do I stay here at my current school, and teach something that I really don't want to teach, but I'll be with people that I know and Love; OR do I move schools, go back into Gen. Ed and try to make new friends ALL over again?!?!

   OH WELL, the choice is not really up to me at this point... All I know is that I will have a job in the district (because I signed my contract a month ago) and I will be teaching SOMETHING!!! I just don't know what or where at this point!!! As scary as that thought is and the fact that after my meeting I still didn't have any answers to my questions about what or where I was going to be next year, I still felt like it was a good talk. I felt like I hadn't been forgotten and all the right people knew my name and knew what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be.

   So in the end I told my Principal that if it was best for the kids that I stay here at my current school and be placed in either the Behavior units or be the Inclusion Support teacher I would do what I was asked to teach and would do my best to be what those students needed next year... And if I do get to switch schools and become a Gen. Ed teacher well that would be AWESOME as well!

  Just thought I'd pop on and let you know what has been happening in my life here lately!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Following other Teachers

So I am relatively new to this whole blog world. I originally started my blog to let family members know what was going on in our lives... well that really didn't work because I never told anyone about it and I really didn't have any family members who would have wanted to follow it anyway... So now looking around at all the other blogs that I follow, mostly other teacher blogs that post what projects they are doing with their classes and selling some of the things that they make for their classes. I think that is more the direction that I want to go with this blog... Lets be honest here for a minute... my life is not that interesting that people want to follow or read about it on a regular basis! I don't have any strong convictions that I am preaching here (although I do wish I could do better with my faith). I think that I am pretty creative when it comes down to making different things for my classroom... I am a Special Ed teacher who has to make EVERYTHING for my classroom. Looking around at others blogs like this one. (My new favorite place to look and get inspired for next year). I have decided that I could do this... Well at least give it a good college try!! So hopefully even if I don't ever sell anything that I've made or no one reads or follows my blog I will have a place to go back and look at all the things that I have made. Or I can post about some ideas that I have to help with different things in the classroom... I have not been teaching for very long but I have two parents for teachers... although they are both High school teachers and I am Elementary but I have been around schools and teachers my WHOLE life!!! I am really excited about starting this up... I might not have a whole lot of ideas posted until next school year since this one is almost over!! (WooHoo 46 more days) I am making a few more things but not as many as I am sure I will need next year... I also have no idea what or where I will be teaching next year... Our principal is opening a new school closer to where we live and I put in for a transfer. The school I have worked at for the past two years is a good 45 minute drive from my house. If I do get the transfer (which was approved by my current principal) I will only have a 10 minute commute to work each day! Which means more time for my Family and study time for my Masters! (I am starting that this summer) I am getting my Masters in Special Education with a focus in Autism! I am really looking forward to doing all this new stuff!!! Hopefully I can get some help from others that are doing this and I can be succesful at this new venture... I figure if I have to make it for my classroom anyway, why not show everyone else out there what I am doing and maybe someone can use it in their classroom as well!!

I hope that if anyone is reading this I am making sense and that if you are a teacher you are looking forward to me helping you create stuff for your classroom!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Some of the thought that are running thru my head

Well lets start off this random blog post by saying that if anyone is reading this I am sorry for how much my brain jumps from one subject to another. SO with that being said... here goes

So the first random thought on my mind is that I cannot wait until March 1st so that I can actually register for my summer school classes to start off my Grad school experience. I am also really excited to be back in school and start getting into the Special Ed classes that focus more on Autism than other things... some of the classes I am not looking forward to are "Legal Issues in Special Ed." although thinking about it that class could hold some very interesting topics... SO that might be one that I actually really like, I am also looking forward to the Psychology class that I get to take... Since that was my first major before I decided to switch to Education I am really looking forward to getting back to a psych class. The only bad thing about going to summer school is that the classes are in the middle of the day AND they are Monday - Friday. So that means that I don't get to keep Jackson home like I did last year from school for three days a week. In July my parents said that they could probably keep him tuesday & Thursdays for me so that I could save a little bit of money from daycare. Again I will still be in class but I will only be taking one class instead of two like I will be in June. See this is how crazy I am, I am going to take two classes in the first summer session then one in the second session; for a grand total of 3 classes in two months. Then in August I am going to be taking 2 classes once a week, I really don't want to be in school forever so I am doubling up on classes during the "regular" semesters and taking 3 if possible for the two summers that I will be in school. With all that being said I am hoping that I will graduate in the fall of 2014 that's two years of school. Not to bad when you think about 36 hours of Grad school. Again I am very excited about the decision that I have made to go back to school. Oh in case you have no idea what I am going to school for I am getting my Masters in Education with a specific study in Low incidence (which is just another way of saying a focus in Autism).

Ok now on two another random thought that is going thru my mind here lately. I have go the bug in me that I want to start to take family trips, not to local places like get on a plane and go across the country to another courntry and travel around there for awhile. Some of the places that I really want to go are

  • Dubai
  • Russia
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • London (where I was born)
  • Ireland
  • Bali
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Turks & Caicos
  • Tibet
  • Thailand
  • The Netherlands
  • Portugal (we use to go there in the summers)
  • the Bahamas (I really want to stay in Atlantis)
  • Poland
  • and a few other countries that I can't think of right now....
See what I mean. I had a friend email me a slideshow of an Aquarium in Dubai and that go the juices flowing again on wanting to take cross country trips with the family. Not only do I think traveling the world makes a great cultured life but it is just really fun to see how other people live in other parts of the world, and just to travel is SOOOOO exciting!!! I hope that Jackson takes as much joy out of it as I do and he doesn't just think or here we go again another trip to Rome... Not that my son would ever think that way but you never know.. 

Well I think that is all I am going to bore you with today... If anyone even reads this... If not then at least it was a great way for me to document my thoughts.