Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What to do?!?!

So we have Jack's cousin's wedding this weekend in Corpus Christi. It's going to be on the beach with a hotel reception. So I A: have nothing to wear to a wedding; B: have nothing to wear to a BEACH wedding; C: HATE SAND!!!! So I've been looking around at different websites to get ideas as to what to wear to a fall wedding on a beach where the weather is saying it could be as hot as 86. The wedding is at 5 pm, so it might be getting a little cooler, but still not cold. Many of the outfits that I have looked at require what I'm assuming are skinny jeans ( which I own none of) and boots that you wear over the jeans (not quite over the knee but some are close), so the delima I have is trying to find a cute outfit to wear to the wedding, on the beach, that is till nice and cute, but also something that I can turn around and wear to work (at a school), so it doesn't need to be fancy by any means, and I also would like for it to be a bit practical because I will more than likely be chasing around a 19 month old son; on the beach in the sand!!! I have seen so many really cute outfits that I would like to try but think I could never pull off or would look really stupid walking up in an outfit like that. I would really like to change around the way that I dress, mostly jeans and some-what cute tops. But it is starting to turn to fall and soon behind will be winter and I would really like to have some seasonal clothes that I can wear. I don't really have a style and all of my school clothes at the moment are summer clothes. So I really do need to go and buy some clothes for the fall, unfortunatly "Fall" in south texas doesn't really mean much, one day it will be 60 and then the next day its back up to 80. I don't think I have lost enough weight to pull off skinny jeans, but I really do like the way that they look inside of boots.


Oh did I mention today is Wednesday and the wedding is SATURDAY!!!