Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finally some good news!!!

Well I went on my 3rd job interview since I graduated in 2008. My first interview I was led to believe that the principal liked to hire first year teachers and help them grow, so I thought that I had a pretty good chance at getting this job; come to find out a few days later that he hired a teacher with 3 years experience, so much for that speech. My second job interview was for the job that I had this school year as an aide at an elementary school in New Braunfels. My 3rd interview was for a TEACHING POSITION at the same school that I have been working at for 7 months!!! I went in for an interview for a special ed classroom and got the call a few days later that they were going to recommend me for the position (the way it works is if they like you they will let HR know that you are who they wanted to hire then HR will call you and have you do all the paperwork and contracts and stuff) so for the 2011-2012 school year I will finally be a teacher!!! Finally all of my school work and hard work last school year has paid off and I have finally have the job that I went to school for!!! It is such a nice feeling knowing that I am going to be a teacher!!! For several years I was wondering if this was meant for me; if I was ever going to get a break and become a teacher; what was wrong with me that i couldn't get a teaching position. But I stayed positive and kept my head up and put in my hard work and it finally paid off!!!

So today I went to Lakeshore Learning Store (a teacher supply shop in San Antonio) and spent nearly an hour and a half wandering around and looking at everything that i wanted for my classroom for next year. Let me tell you I was in HEAVEN!!!! I am super excited to buy everything for my room for next year!!! So in a few weeks I am going to start going thru all the things that I have at home for my room and getting things in boxes to take to school in August. Then in July they are having a big sale on all of their items so my mom and I and maybe a few other teacher friends are going to go and shop to get new items for our different rooms for next year!!!

Also I can't wait until my birthday this year. Even if it will be a no firework birthday... BOO to the no rain... So July 4th this year will come and go without a BANG!! I will be 25 thought!!!! Yeah to half way to 50!!! HAHAHA I have so much to be thankful for in my (almost) 25 years of life!!! My HUSBAND of 1.5 years; my beautiful 1 year old SON; both of my PARENTS who are always there to help us out when we need it; and my FRIENDS who are always there for me to talk to and have fun with!!!

Much love and enjoy your summer!!!!