Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Following other Teachers

So I am relatively new to this whole blog world. I originally started my blog to let family members know what was going on in our lives... well that really didn't work because I never told anyone about it and I really didn't have any family members who would have wanted to follow it anyway... So now looking around at all the other blogs that I follow, mostly other teacher blogs that post what projects they are doing with their classes and selling some of the things that they make for their classes. I think that is more the direction that I want to go with this blog... Lets be honest here for a minute... my life is not that interesting that people want to follow or read about it on a regular basis! I don't have any strong convictions that I am preaching here (although I do wish I could do better with my faith). I think that I am pretty creative when it comes down to making different things for my classroom... I am a Special Ed teacher who has to make EVERYTHING for my classroom. Looking around at others blogs like this one. (My new favorite place to look and get inspired for next year). I have decided that I could do this... Well at least give it a good college try!! So hopefully even if I don't ever sell anything that I've made or no one reads or follows my blog I will have a place to go back and look at all the things that I have made. Or I can post about some ideas that I have to help with different things in the classroom... I have not been teaching for very long but I have two parents for teachers... although they are both High school teachers and I am Elementary but I have been around schools and teachers my WHOLE life!!! I am really excited about starting this up... I might not have a whole lot of ideas posted until next school year since this one is almost over!! (WooHoo 46 more days) I am making a few more things but not as many as I am sure I will need next year... I also have no idea what or where I will be teaching next year... Our principal is opening a new school closer to where we live and I put in for a transfer. The school I have worked at for the past two years is a good 45 minute drive from my house. If I do get the transfer (which was approved by my current principal) I will only have a 10 minute commute to work each day! Which means more time for my Family and study time for my Masters! (I am starting that this summer) I am getting my Masters in Special Education with a focus in Autism! I am really looking forward to doing all this new stuff!!! Hopefully I can get some help from others that are doing this and I can be succesful at this new venture... I figure if I have to make it for my classroom anyway, why not show everyone else out there what I am doing and maybe someone can use it in their classroom as well!!

I hope that if anyone is reading this I am making sense and that if you are a teacher you are looking forward to me helping you create stuff for your classroom!!!

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